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Studio Calendar/Dress Code 2020/2021

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

 Studio Calendar/Fall&Winter 2020

First day: Monday, September 14th

Studio Closed (no classes):

Nov. 23rd - Nov. 29th Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 21st - Jan. 2nd Christmas Break
Apr. 12th - Apr. 18th Spring Break


Dress Code



 Dancers (all levels) must wear a leotard and tights to every class. Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop may wear dance shorts or pants (no sweatpants) in addition to the required leotard and tights. Ballet/Lyrical/Pointe may wear a skirt/tutu in addition to the required leotard and tights.Preferred leotard colors are black, pink, purple for ages 3-6 (any style), and black or hot pink (any style) for ages 7+. All tights should be tan/suntan/caramel for class. Hair must be up. And NO gum!

ShoesBallet: Ages 3-8 Full Sole, Pink Ballet (exp. Revolution’s RD60004)Ages 8+ Split Sole, Pink Ballet (exp. Revolution’s 100)

Lyrical:All Ages Tan, Grecian Sandal or Pedini (exp. Revolution’s 326)

Jazz: All Ages Tan, Grecian Sandal or Pedini (exp. Revolution’s 326)

Tap :Ages 3 - 4 Black ribbon tie tap (exp. RD013501)Ages 5-9 Tan, U-Shell tap shoes (exp. Revolution’s 821 - 826 in Dark Tan)Ages 10+ Black, jazz tap or stretch/flex tap shoe (exp. Revolution’s Premium Stretch Tap Boot 571/576 or Jazz Tap Shoe RD013101 | RD013106)

Hip Hop:All Ages Black Dance Sneaker (exp. Revolution’s Ultra Arch Dance Sneaker 991)

For Revolution Brands, please shop our online storefront at www.shopnimbly.com/instepdancect

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