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Preschool Combo Tap/Pre-Ballet (In Preschool)

  • This 45 minute class is best for dancers who are entering or enrolled in Preschool. Our class will introduce beginner ballet and tap moves as the kids explore music, rhythm and balance. Students will perform in one routine in the annual recital. One costume will be needed.

Combo Tap/Ballet and Beginner Jazz (grades K & 1)

  • Our classes are best suited for dancers entering Kindergarten & 1st grade. Choose your subjects: tap/ballet combo or beginner jazz (or both!).
  • Our combination tap/ballet class runs 1 hour, once a week. Beginner jazz will run 45 minutes, once a week. Classes are designed to build coordination and balance as we introduce new steps/choreography in a creative & positive enviroment. 
  • Dancers will perform one routine for each subject (tap/ballet/jazz) in our spring recital. One to two costumes may be necessary depending on classes enrolled for (1 for Combo, 1 for beginner jazz).

Single Subject Classes (Grades 2 and up)

  • Ballet: Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance. It develops poise and grace as well as flexibility and control. Class includes a ballet barre, muscle warm-up and stretch, technique, body placement, balance work, turns, leaps and dance combinations.
  • Pointe/Toe: This class is at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Tap: Tap class helps to develop rhythm and coordination. Class includes a tap warm-up, tap technique, rhythmic work, turns and dance combinations.
  • Jazz: Jazz is a free style dance involving strength and technique through isolated movements. Class includes a jazz barre, muscle warm up and stretch, technique, isolations, turns, leaps and dance combinations.
  • Lyrical: Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet and jazz, available only to students who have a strong background in both. This type of dance is expresses the musical intent of the song through the emotional execution of the body. **dancer must also take ballet**
  • Hip Hop: Hip Hop is a highly aerobic and expressive form of dance. This type of dance helps develop rhythm, coordination and musicality. This class is available to students ages 8+ (or 3rd grade) and at the discretion of the teacher. **dancer must also take jazz**

Age/School Grade is our foundational guideline in determining level. Teachers may reccommend movement to a different level outside the age category. Such reccommendations are based (but are not limited to) technical level, maturity, attendance and attitude. Our levels are as follows: Preschool, Kindergarten/1st Grade (Beginner), 2nd & 3rd Grade (Elementary), Grades 4th and 5th (Intermediate) Middle School/6th-8th (Advanced), High School/9th-12th (Senior) and Adult (18+). Please note that we have groupings that overlap in age. If your dancer falls into an overlapping age group, then placement will be based on a combination of factors to find the best fit.

  • Minimum of 4 dancers to run a class. Classes with fewer than 4 dancers will be canceled or postponed. The schedule is subject to change.
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