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Studio Dress Code

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dress Code:

All dancers are expected to wear a leotard and tights with the exception of those in Creative Movement. Legwarmers, ballet skirts and ballet sweaters are acceptable for ballet class and lyrical. Jazz pants (no sweatpants, athletic pants etc.) are acceptable for jazz, tap and hip hop. In colder weather, please wear a long sleeve leotard. Sweatshirts and tees will not be allowed during class though we encourage every dancer to cover up when going to and from the studio. Hair must be up at all times and dancers must remove any dangling jewelry (such as earrings) that may interfere with class.


Creative Movement: Basic Pink Ballet

Bitty Ballet/Tiny Tap: Basic Black Tie Tap, Basic Pink Ballet

Kinder Tap/Ballet/Jazz:

               Capezio #3800 or Bloch #302 (Tap)

               Bloch #205 Pink Full Sole (Ballet)

               Capezio CGO5 Black Ankle Boot (Jazz)

Single Subject: Levels 1-4


               Troupe 7+ Bloch #302 Tan

               Troupe 9+,12+, and Adult Bloch Tap Flex #388 Black


               Capezio CG05 Black Ankle Boot (all Jazz)


               Bloch #208 Pink Split Sole (all ballet)

                Hip Hop:

               Solid Black Hip Hop Boot (all Hip Hop)


                Contemporary Sock (please see our shop on Nimbly)


**The above brands and style numbers are suggestions. You are welcome to purchase the brand of your choice, as long as the shoe has the same overall look (and color) of that suggested. For added convenience, you may shop our store on Nimbly. Comparable shoes, leotards, tights and other dance accessories are available there.**



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